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Is Tonsil stones Contagious?

While there is always the possibility of passing germs and bacteria to another person, it is not possible to catch tonsils stones directly from someone else. There are several reasons for this, many of which have to do with our own individual states of health. Here are some examples.

First, there is not much chance of direct contact with the tonsils stones. Essentially, in order to achieve direct contact, it would be necessary to use the fingers or a swab to come in contact with the stones, then use those same fingers or swabs to attempt to deposit the bacteria onto your tonsils. The gag reflex would prevent most of us from even attempting such a thing, so the chances of contamination from this sort of activity can be ruled out by most of us.

However, people do tend to wonder if the disease can be transferred through other means, such as a nice long romantic kiss with someone who currently has the stones. There is some credence to this concern. After all, long and intense open-mouthed kisses do allow for the exchange of saliva and bacteria between the two mouths concerned.

While the chances of dislodging a tonsil stone, transferring it to the other mouth, and working it into position on a tonsil are highly unlikely, it is feasible that bacteria may transfer and set up with a willing host.

As for developing tonsils stones as a result of airborne elements expelled by another person, the risk is no greater of being contaminated than with any other type of virus. Using simple precautions such as refraining from kissing, washing the hands and face immediately if someone sneezes or coughs on your, and in general keeping yourself clean will do the trick.

At the same time, do not use spoons, forks, or other eating utensils after someone with tonsils stones has just used them. Make sure they are thoroughly cleaned before they are used again.


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